Admission Gates and Cashless Pay

"Simplify the World." A simple motto that has accompanied technical progress for years. At the same time, it's why visitors to events expect modern, fast and easy payment and access options.

Modern access systems offer a simple and necessary measure to control visitor flows and provide organizers with important information. Particular emphasis is placed on a reliable system.

Here, eventCORE's technology for access restrictions meets the highest demands and can act completely independently and precisely thanks to online database synchronization and offline backup. Whether wired or wireless, problems never become failures due to backup connections.

Visitor access can be validated by event organizers in a variety of ways. Whether NFC tags, guest lists, QR codes or online logins, the system allows for complete customization to meet any type of need.

Einlassschleusen Cashless event CORE 04
Einlassschleusen Cashless event CORE 02

Modern POS systems are also dependent on a good network structure with high demands on reliability and security. Here too, eventCORE uses only redundant solutions with a high degree of diversity to avoid "single point of failure" vulnerabilities in systems.

Easy access for guests and the use of various payment methods such as cash, cashless systems, vouchers, virtual currency or credit and debit cards is integrated. There is no limitation to one currency.

Above all the advantages, there are certainly the possibilities for collecting and evaluating data. Real-time analysis tools can be used at any time to track exactly what happened when and how, and a precise evaluation is also carried out. This way, retailers and the event team are able to keep track of all guest information at any time and can make efficient and fact-based decisions and plan for future developments.

eventCORE ensures that even smart gates sinking in the festival mud or the most remote and storm-ridden counter on the campsite still have an uplink, even if selling becomes almost impossible.

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