Camera Live Streaming

Hybrid events are the key to a modern marketing mix. To ensure your show reaches its audience digitally without glitches and outages, your event needs a secure network infrastructure and technicians who know how to prioritize networks.

In order to ensure that critical content such as video streams, short broadcasts, real-time audio or e-sports can always be transmitted reliably, eventCORE relies on technologies that meet the highest demands for any hardware, thus guaranteeing enormous fail-safety.

Novarock22 event CORE davidbitzan 03
Kamera Live Streaming event CORE 04

With additional redundant uplinks and secure backup solutions, you can be confident that your media content will arrive exactly where it is needed. Whether classic RTSP or RTMP streams or low-latency protocols, we have the right solution from non-critical to real-time. Here, we rely on AVB and PtPv2, among others.

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