High-speed Internet Anywhere

A unique location with breathtaking scenery is exactly what you were looking for? Most of the time, planning events at special locations is difficult because the necessary infrastructure is missing. Where electricity and water can be realized very well mobile nowadays, a stable internet connection often causes serious problems, although - now more than ever - a reliable network access is necessary in many work processes.

With our years of experience and partners in the telecommunications industry, we can establish a stable and reliable internet connection at any location. We have customized solutions for a wide range of applications - whether high-performance wireless connections conquering distances up to 100 km or bidirectional multi-gigabit connections.

Temporaeres Internet event CORE 02
Temporaeres Internet event CORE 08

We also implement fiber optic connections to existing internet providers and can thus guarantee maximum speeds and highest reliability.

If no local internet provider is available or if a particularly high level of fail-safety is required, we can establish an almost weather-independent Internet connection even in the most remote areas using satellite connections.

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