Event Support and Monitoring of Critical Network Structure

"Showtime" and suddenly nothing works?! The nightmare for every event organizer, and the audience is waiting. Unfortunately, this not only depresses the mood, but can also quickly have costly and security-relevant consequences. Imagine they have a cashless POS system with no network access and thousands of visitors in front of the counters - or a security center where the police suddenly can't view video feeds from cameras.

To ensure that exactly such a case does not occur, every event with eventCORE has not only only first-class, redundant technology, but also an experienced team in the background, which monitors every irregularity in the entire network with the latest network monitoring software and hundreds of sensors. Problems become apparent at an early stage and can be solved by experts after a quick containment before a failure even occurs.

Monitoring kritischer Infrastruktur event CORE 01
Monitoring kritischer Infrastruktur event CORE 06

Even power supply failures or radio signal interference are immediately reported and reliably located. Thus, all parties involved gain important time to solve occurring problems. During this time, your eventCORE network continues to run via backup solutions, battery-buffered and completely independent.

Of course, we can do more than just monitor and troubleshoot. eventCORE staff also build equipment on site, set up networks, communicate with Internet providers, and perform routine maintenance on all components. Our goal here is to make your event run as smoothly as possible. Even before the first truck rolls onto the event site, an eventCORE staff member provides mobile network access, and only when the event is over days or weeks later do we usually leave the site with digital silence.

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