Visitor Monitoring and Movement Data Analysis

Knowing what's happening on the event site at all times, monitoring problem areas and preparing valuable information for authorities and security service providers to make sure everything works. Whether the so-called "Crowd Surveillance" or "Crowd Management" functionality, reliable data is needed first and foremost for an evaluation of data.

eventCORE not only offers an appropriate network structure that routes every signal to its receiver, but we are also well equipped for data collection and can provide you with ready-made systems from a single source. Everything is geared to your event. Whether video feeds from battery-buffered 360° PTZ cameras, light barriers, IR cameras with night vision function, access monitoring via RFID chips or visitor flow evaluations via WLAN, Bluetooth and camera AI - everything is possible.

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We work with the latest software, some of which runs directly in the camera hardware and is therefore interference-proof. Simple but flexible access control, heat maps of visitor flows and even facial recognition for high-security areas are possible with software tools from our toolbox.

Last but not least, linking our security technology with your marketing team can be a way to utilize your event more effectively or to find out at which locations your visitors have been waiting for a particularly long time.

Of course, you are not alone with the question of which technology will bring the greatest benefit to your event. We work with you to develop solutions that effectively meet the requirements of security concepts and official regulations and add value to your event.

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