Temporary Telefone Systems

Communication is the key to any successful event. Whether backstage, in the production office or in the security center, there is always something to discuss. Secure and reliable telephone systems are a solid solution to avoid communication via interference-prone radio and overloaded public mobile networks. Reliable communication helps to prevent any danger for your event.

eventCORE uses state-of-the-art VoIP telephony equipment and enables conversations in HD+ voice quality. The advantage is optimal speech intelligibility, even with less robust connections. Annoying inquiries are no longer necessary.

Temporary telefone systems event CORE 01
Temporary telefone systems event CORE 04

Of course, we can also connect our telephone systems to the telephone network and guarantee secure connections all over the world. A connection is made via our private GSM or VoLTE network, public VoIP providers or the classic ISDN network. Our phones always choose the easiest way, the most secure connection and guarantee the best speech intelligibility to boot.

Last but not least, we have specially tailored solutions to integrate common intercom systems, as found on many stages, into our telephone system. Whether stage manager, production office, or ticket hotline - everyone can reach exactly the people they need information from. Always, reliably and simply - and no matter what the weather.

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