Reliable outdoor-capable Carrier-grade Equipment

A network can only function as well as the installed hardware allows. Since we know that you depend on a functioning infrastructure, eventCORE uses only the highest quality equipment.

Especially in the outdoor area, a stable connection often fails because of the hardware. That's exactly what we focused on and as a result, put together the best components that can withstand the most adverse conditions.

Outdoorfähige Hardware event CORE 01
Outdoorfähige Hardware event CORE 09

With IP65 certification, an uninterruptible power supply and anti-theft protection, our switches are ideally equipped for emergencies and can ensure stable operation for up to 80 minutes without an external power supply. Of course, this does not only apply to edge switches, but also to core switches, which are optimally equipped for all conditions.

Whether WIFI6, GSM, LTE or 5G - even our wireless solutions are protected according to IP65 and ensure secure communication at your event, even if your event is threatened by extreme weather conditions. Hence exactly at the time when a secure connection is crucial!

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