Private GSM, LTE and 5G Networks

We are our own network operator - independent of the public mobile network providers. What sounds cumbersome and difficult offers significant advantages at events. For example, it is possible to define and manage exactly which participant gets access, which bandwidths are allocated and when which information is sent. But the key advantage is security and reliability, which can only be achieved with a private solution - and beats conventional WLAN or public network operators hands down.

We have already developed solutions that are individually tailored to your event or can be adapted immediately. Our experienced team has been working in the telecommunication and event industry since 2001 and not only has the necessary routine to unerringly develop suitable concepts, but is also available on site at your event around the clock and monitors the smooth functioning of all software and hardware components.

Private Netze event CORE 04
Private Netze event CORE 01

The technology mix we rely on is as diverse as our personnel. Whether GSM for a stable area-wide connection, LTE with VoLTE for a fast connection and telephony in HD quality or the latest 5G technology for maximum speeds, real-time applications and IoT. We also enable time-critical transmission of surveillance information and camera data and deliver an extremely stable network.

The possibilities are unlimited. SIM cards for private end devices, cell phones on loan, stream stations, real-time monitoring from the public, people counting, weather stations, inter- and intranet access, special VPN connections with additional encryption for cashless payment solutions or access control. Everything is possible and of course fully integrated into our eventCORE infrastructure.

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